As Our Guest

We look forward to welcoming you to the Club.

  1. Members and their guests must be appropriately dressed in accordance with the Dress Code outlined below while on Club premises.
    1. Golf Course, Performance Centre, Practice Areas, Pro Shop, Concessions:
Men and Junior Boys
Tops - Golf shirts must have a collar. Turtlenecks, mock necks, and blade collars are acceptable. T-shirts and team jerseys are not permitted.
Bottoms - Properly tailored golf pants or shorts with pockets and zippers are acceptable. Rugby pants, sweatpants, athletic shorts, jogger trousers, blue jeans, and denim pants/shorts are not permitted.Bottoms with exterior cargo style pockets are also not permitted.
Headwear - Hats and visors must be worn with the peak facing frontward.
Footwear - Metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted.
Women and Junior Girls
Tops - Golf shirts must have a collar or sleeves. Racerback golf shirts with collars, turtleneck, mock necks, and blade collars are acceptable. Tank, tube, crop, and halter tops are not permitted.
Bottoms - Properly tailored golf skirts, shorts, skorts or capri pants are acceptable. Leggings and yoga pants are acceptable as a layer under shorts, skirts, or skorts. Jeans, rugby, sweat, and workout pants/shorts are not permitted.
Headwear - Hats and visors must be worn with the peak facing frontward.
Footwear - Metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted.
  1. Clubhouse:
    1. Tops/Bottoms: Golf sportswear as described above, respectable denim, business suits and attire, dresses, and skirts are acceptable.
    2. Headwear: males are not permitted to wear caps or hats in The Grandview at any time; females are permitted to wear fashion hats.
  2. All Areas:
    1. Clothing may not be torn or tattered, display offensive language or graphics, or display large, prominent non-golf related insignias or logos.
  1. Members are responsible in ensuring their guests’ attire meet Dress Code requirements.
  2. The liaison of any private function or tournament must be informed of the Dress Code, in advance, by the Club’s managing representative in Food & Beverage or Golf Operations, to ensure awareness for all event participants.
  3. Non-compliance must be reported to the Pro Shop or Club Management who is empowered to enforce the Dress Code.
    1. Immediate conformity is required of all individuals in violation of this policy or will be asked to leave the property.
    2. Members are asked not to approach others for non-compliance.
    3. Members will be approached directly to ensure conformity or facilitate the removal of a guest in violation of the Dress Code.
    4. If a member does not comply, a written report will be filed to the Executive Committee of the Board for disciplinary consideration.
  • Golf Course Mobile Devices: Members and guests are encouraged to take their mobile device with them in case of an emergency on the golf course and practice facilities. Devices should be turned off or placed on silent mode unless necessary. Texting or talking on a mobile device while playing golf or practicing is a distraction to others, slows down pace of play and is generally accepted as poor etiquette.
  • Clubhouse Mobile Devices: Members and guests are permitted to use mobile devices; however, it is recommended to be turned to privacy mode (silent or vibrate) for the courtesy of others.
  • Golf Course Music: Members and guests are permitted to listen to music via personal and portable speakers provided the volume of the music cannot be heard by other groups or private residences on the golf courses. In keeping with the etiquette and courtesy of the game, please consult other members of your group prior to teeing off and before turning on any personal device with amplified music. When approaching congested areas, tee boxes and green complexes with other golfers around, music must be turned off.
  • If there is lightning strike within a 5km radius of the property, Thor Guard will sound one (1) 15-second blast or “RED ALERT” - golf courses are then CLOSED.
  • All members and guests must seek shelter exercising physical distancing. If this is not available due to overcrowding, then you must go to your vehicle for protection.
  • Power carts are prohibited from parking underneath or within 10 metres of the canopy at the main entrance (north) of the Clubhouse.
  • Thor Guard will sound three (3) 5-second blasts when it is “ALL CLEAR” - golf courses are then OPEN.
"Guest" Daily before 4:00pm $165.00
"Midday" Daily after 4:00PM $115.00
9-holes   $115.00
Junior (18-holes)   $69.00
Junior (9-holes)   $49.00
Affiliate   $235.00
18-hole Cart   $42.00
9-hole Cart   $21.00
Twilight Cart Daily after 4PM $30.00
Driving Range Grass Tee
Bunker Etiquette

Fairway Divot Repair

Golf Cart Equitette
Repair Ball Marks

Practice Green Etiquette

Why Do We Have Frost Delays? 

It’s hard to believe that simply walking across a golf green covered with frost can cause so much damage. But the proof will reveal itself in just a few days as the turf grass dies and a trail of brown footprints is the result. This is exactly why most courses will delay tee times (frost delay) until the frost has melted; and it is also why golfers who appreciate a quality putting surface will be patient during frost delays. 

Greens are fragile. The putting surface, or green, is an extremely fragile environment that must be managed carefully and professionally. Remember that every green is a collection of millions of individual grass plants, each of which is a delicate living thing. Mother Nature never meant for these plants to be maintained at 3/16” or even 1/8” for prolonged periods. This stress makes greens constantly vulnerable to attacks from insects, disease, heat, drought, cold and frost. 

Frost is essentially frozen dew. It can form when the temperature (or wind chill) is near or below the freezing point. The ice crystals that form on the outside of the plant can also harden or even freeze the cell structure of the plant. When frosted, the normally resilient plant cells become brittle and are easily crushed. When the cell membranes are damaged, the plant loses its ability to function normally. 

Although you won't see any immediate damage if you walk on frosted turf, the proof will emerge within 48 to 72 hours as the leaves die and turn brown. And, since just one foursome can leave several hundred footprints on each green, the damage can be very extensive. 

The damage isn't just unsightly putting quality will also be reduced until repairs are made. These repairs are expensive, and in some cases, the green may have to be kept out-of-play for days or weeks until the new turf grass is established. A short delay while the frost melts can preserve the quality of the greens, prevent needless repairs and may even save you a few strokes the next time you play.