Chairman’s Letter

From August 13th to 15th of 2019, the 21st annual Priddis Greens Charity Classic will be contested. This event has evolved over the years from a simple and generous plan by Mr. Bill Beattie and his friends to support the Prostate Cancer Centre of Calgary. In the 20 years prior, this charity golf tournament has generated over $6 nearly $7 million to this organization. 

The two goals of this event have not changed in 20 years, and this year, the 21st annual will be no different.

  • Provide an unbelievable experience to the participants.

The management, staff, members and the tournament committee pride themselves on being the premier event on the Calgary charity golf calendar. The participants can expect to participate in what is sure to be the best event we have ever organized.

  • Raise money for the Prostate Cancer Centre of Calgary.

The 21st annual fundraising goal is to raise $450,000. We are hoping that each of you in evaluating Priddis Greens Charity Classic will see the value to continue to participate and help us reach our fundraising goal.

We look forward to welcoming each of you and your team to the 21st Priddis Greens Charity Classic.

-Ross Babcock, Chairman, 403.615.6586

2019 Dates

Tuesday, August 13: Gala Evening & Registration at the Clubhouse (6:00 pm)
Wednesday, August 14: Golf competition (8:30 am shotgun)
Thursday, August 15: Golf competition (8:30 am shotgun)

Calgary's Prostate Cancer Centre receives no government funding, Calgary's Prostate Cancer Centre relies solely on the generosity of our local communities and events like the Priddis Greens Charity Classic. Team entry fees pay tournament operating costs with all donations and additional funds raised going to the Prostate Cancer Centre.

If you are looking for an opportunity to entertain your best clients in a first-class atmosphere, or want to put together a team of friends and business associates to enjoy their company and the challenge of golf while contributing to a worthwhile cause, look no further.

Charity Classic

About the Classic

The Priddis Greens Charity Classic has become a signature event on the Calgary charity event calendar. Since its inception in 1999, more than $6 million has been raised in support of The Prostate Cancer Centre.

The Charity Classic is a perfect fit if your business is seeking to boost its profile among Calgary's business leaders or looking for a new and exciting client recognition event. If you and your associates enjoy golf in a collegial and rewarding environment, mark this year’s date on your calendar for the upcoming Priddis Greens Charity Classic. The tournament details can be found in the brochure. Past participants and sponsors can expect to receive this year’s tournament information via post. For more information, please see the Tournament Coordinators section below.

In 2014, the Prostate Cancer Centre unveiled a "Million Dollar Donor" wall to recognize those individuals and organizations that have donated a million dollars or more to the Centre; Priddis Greens was among those recognized for our support through the annual Charity Classic event.

Charity Partner

Prostate Cancer Centre Logo

Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC) is a charitable organization that brings together physicians, nurses, staff, volunteers and researchers who focus on helping men diagnosed with, or suspected of having prostate cancer. Annually there are over 10,000 patient visits to the Prostate Cancer Centre. Patients and families receive the most current resources about and access to treatments for prostate cancer. Over 80 volunteers who have been through prostate cancer offer peer support daily. Diagnostic support and research facilities provide enhanced patient care. The collaborative environment at PCC is key not only to the multi-disciplinary approach to treatment of patients but also to the advanced research that takes place.

The Prostate Cancer Centre offers many programs and services that demonstrate its exceptional health care delivery in its field. The Man Van™ is the first and only mobile PSA testing clinic in Canada, offering free baseline PSA tests in our local and rural communities. Since 2009, PCC’s two Man Vans have tested over 43,000 men. The vans have become the Prostate Cancer Centre’s best education and awareness tool throughout Southern Alberta. Their purpose is to increase awareness of the importance of early detection of prostate by offering on-the-spot baseline PSA blood testing for men over 40. We also offer the “Know your Numbers” heath initiative to men over 18. At selected clinics we offer measurements for blood pressure, waist circumference, blood sugar and a mental wellness stress test. Providing men with these tests can prevent further health problems and result in happier, healthier men.

None of this would be possible without events like the Priddis Greens Charity Classic that has supported the Centre since 1999. Your dollars make a difference. Calgary has the only Centre like this in Canada. Thank you! We are proud to be the recipients of your generosity. You are welcome to come to the Centre at any time to see your dollars at work.


The Bill Beattie Memorial Award

The Bill Beattie Memorial Award was established in 2008 to commemorate the contributions made by the late Bill Beattie to the Priddis Greens Charity Classic and is awarded annually to the winning team.

In 1997, Bill and some friends visualized creating a two-day, premier golf tournament that would raise a substantial amount of money for charity. As a result of their efforts, much of the required funding to operate the Prostate Cancer Centre was raised for many years through this event. To this day, a significant portion of the PCC's annual funding still comes from the Priddis Greens Charity Classic and Bill's wife Diane continues as an Honourary Chair of the event. Your participation will ensure that Bill's legacy will live on.

The Frank Lindsay Award

The Frank Lindsay Award is given annually to the individual player who scores the most Stableford points over the two days of competition.

Frank was a passionate and avid golfer, a student of the game who believed the rules of golf should be respected. His other passion was horse racing and he was an important part of the Alberta horse racing scene. As a business man, he owned and operated a flooring company. There are many participants in the Priddis Greens Charity Classic who were connected to Frank through golf, horse racing and/or business interests.

Frank passed away in 2003 and his legacy is the Frank Lindsay Golf Foundation, the focus of which is to create golf programs for young people, particularly those lacking the financial resources to participate in the sport. Many supporters of the Classic have also been key sponsors of the Frank Lindsay Golf Foundation.

2018 Results

The 20th annual Priddis Greens Charity Classic was a major success. The weather was average this year but, the Hawk and Raven courses were in immaculate condition, the volunteers ensured everyone enjoyed themselves, the food and drink was terrific - what could make it any better? The fact that our donors, sponsors and players contributed to the silent and live auctions as well as making direct donations, resulting in the event contributing $380,000 to the Prostate Cancer Centre of Calgary in these challenging economic times.