IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affecting the world-wide collective, the Club has made the difficult decision to close facilities to Members and Public until further notice with the exception of our *NEW* take-out service from The Grandview. Areas that remain closed include Clubhouse, Pro Shop and Performance Centre; Club Administration continues to operate remotely. Please see all updates below from our Board of Directors and Club Management. Thank you.

March 28, 2020: Letter from the Board of Directors

Best wishes to all members and their families, we hope you are all keeping well in these troubling times.

The Board of Directors and Management continue to evaluate the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its impact on your Club.  As forecasted, the ongoing rise in cases within our province and the restrictions placed on business and personal lives has created a tremendous amount of uncertainty. No one can predict how long business closures and physical distancing measures will be necessary.

We will collectively face a range of scenarios that will be largely out of our control, along with consequences that will vary from little impact to overwhelming and long-lasting. Priddis Greens has taken the position that it is incumbent to prepare for a best-case, worst-case and somewhere-in-between future. While we view a loss of the entire golf season as the worst-case scenario, and a very low probability, forecasting is necessary to understand the financial impact and actions required to mitigate and secure the long-term future of the Club.

Fortunately, golf is an outdoor sport which can be adapted to adhere to physical distancing requirements. Until recently, many golf courses were still operating with modifications in warmer climates. Optimism lies with the reality that golf courses can be re-opened sooner than indoor or team-based activities, and other non-essential businesses.

Priddis Greens will continue to prepare for a relatively normal opening timeframe for golf. Management are moving forward economically minded by eliminating or postponing expenses accordingly from the original 2020 budget; although, this is still an intense time that consumes major resources early in the year. This preparation also includes an operations plan that addresses physical distancing and sanitization concerns paramount to demonstrating how golf can be played safely.


Earlier this week, a new take-out service offering food, beer and wine was introduced to members via the Priddis Greens app and website. We hope you will get a chance to enjoy this service and support Franck and his team.


In our last update, we reminded members of the upcoming March 31st dues payment deadline. The receipt of dues is a critical component to a successful outcome for the Club. While we are, of course, sensitive that individuals are dealing with their own set of difficult circumstances, the Club depends on dues as its major source of revenue and prepares the operating budget accordingly. A significant portion of the Club’s cost structure is fixed with major expenses comprised of the following:

  • Turf Care maintenance (prepare for opening and preserve our assets);
  • Lease payment to landowner;
  • Interest and principal loan payments;
  • Management and employees;
  • Pro Shop inventory (ordered and received to date)

While every expense is being scrutinized and will be reduced or eliminated as conditions dictate, it is important to note that many of these costs do not have significant flexibility. This is especially true given the current set of circumstances that require preparation for an undefined opening date.

As for revenue, it is anticipated that we will face shortfalls in corporate tournament and guest fees, food and beverage, retail sales, etc. although, again, the extent of the shortfall is uncertain today.

We are investigating recent federal and provincial initiatives that may lessen the burden on the Club and we will take full advantage where applicable. We are also in discussions with the landowner and banks to gain some flexibility depending on how deeply the crisis affects the Club and our golf season.

Given these realities, we are not in a position at this time to extend the deadline or reduce the level of dues without risking our ability to function.  The Board of Directors and Management appreciate your support and will continue to provide updates on a regular basis.

Yours in golf,
The Board of Directors

March 26, 2020: Take-Out Service Introduction

Please respect social distancing when collecting your order due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. To collect an order, drive under the canopy of the Clubhouse main entrance and remain in your vehicle until your order is delivered outside the building for pick-up. Signing will not be required; charges will be applied to Member accounts. Note: there is NO ACCESS inside the Clubhouse.

Online Ordering Release-01-01.png

March 21, 2020: Management Update

The past week has been unprecedented for each and every one of us. Our focus has been, and will continue to be, the health and safety of our members and employees. We continue to diligently address the evolving impact that this global pandemic has on our Club and will continue to implement all recommendations from both the provincial and federal governments. Members can expect to be updated on a weekly basis with any changes in our operations and services with the hope that soon we will be able to focus on communicating when you can enjoy a game of golf at Priddis Greens.

Please read the important updates below:

Club Operations

It will be very important in the coming months that society has an outlet for exercise and fresh air, and golf will be one of the few activities possible while practising social distancing. Many courses are still operating under modified conditions in warmer climates today. By the time mother nature is ready for us to open at Priddis Greens, there will be a set of standard practices on how to play golf safely that we will utilize. We are committed to opening our Club this spring as we normally would with a graduation from 9 holes to 36 holes for our members only. James Beebe and his crew continue working diligently to prepare the golf courses for opening this spring, and barring any government mandated closures, we will golf be golfing relatively soon.

Franck Trutet and his team are developing a service for both our members and the surrounding community to enjoy takeout food and beverages, including alcohol. The AGLC recently changed policy regarding the sale of liquor allowing licensees to sell wine and beer in the same fashion as a liquor store.  Procedures for ordering, pick-up, payment and how to ensure everyone is safe are currently being finalized. A communication next week will provide further information with respect to this new service. The Clubhouse remains closed to all members and the public until further notice.

Ron Laugher and the Pro Shop team are doing their best to fulfill orders and prepare for the start of the golf season. Although it will be different to any other season, we remain confident in our creative planning abilities. The Performance Centre and Pro Shop also remain closed until further notice. Opening either of these venues pose a risk too great for our members and employees currently.

Annual Dues

Your invested dedication and annual commitment to the Club’s financial wellbeing, despite the current economic situation that we know is creating hardship, is appreciated by your fellow members, Board and Management. As we prepare for the 2020 golf season, members are reminded that payment of annual dues, in their entirety, must be made on or before March 31st.

Food & Beverage Minimum Spend

The Board has approved the deferral of the April 30th minimum spend deadline. At this time, our food service options are difficult to forecast for the remainder of the year; therefore, the Board will also consider adjusting and/or removing the remaining minimum spend periods in 2020. A communication will be provided in time with respect to any further revision to the minimum spend requirement.

The Board and Management will continue to meet regularly to monitor and adapt our plans according to the latest information available. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. We sincerely wish you all good health and hope to see you soon!


Chad Thomlinson
General Manager & PGA Executive Professional


March 13, 2020: Management Notice

With the presence of coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting the world-wide collective, Priddis Greens Golf & Country Club is taking preventative measures in an effort to minimize exposure risk for all stakeholders at this extraordinary time. We are thankful that there have been zero reported cases or exposures at the Club to date.

Effective immediately, ALL CLUB OPERATIONS ARE CLOSED TO MEMBERS & PUBLIC until further notice; including The Grandview, Clubhouse, Pro Shop and Performance Centre.

We are committed to enhancing the lives of our Members and Employees at Priddis Greens. An outbreak at the Club would have severe repercussions on critical infrastructure affecting our ability to provide golfing experiences for our members and guests this season. Our operations have been modified internally to take precautions provided by Health Canada and Alberta Health Services that keep our employees safe at this very busy and important time of year, yet still continue with preparation for the upcoming golf season. We have provided some basic information below that will hopefully answer some questions you may have.

Payments on Account

Please make arrangements to pay your account online or through Canada Post rather than dropping off a cheque at the Club. The doors to the Clubhouse will be locked until further notice. As a reminder, our NEW address is #1 Priddis Greens Drive, Priddis Greens, Alberta T0L 1W3.

Food & Beverage Minimums

The F&B minimums program will be evaluated when the length of closure is known and the deadline of April 30th nears. We will communicate any decisions on this subject as soon as they are made.

Golf Course Opening Dates & Future Events

The impact, if any, this may have on the opening of our golf courses and driving range is unknown at this time. Decisions concerning future events and opening dates will be made on a regular basis so please read the Member E-News and check Member Central or the Priddis Greens App for updates.   

Contact Information

If you need to obtain something from the Club such as your golf clubs or locker contents, please contact us in advance to arrange pick-up.

For assistance during this closure, please contact me directly via email at or click here for a list of our key employees.

We wish you and your families the best in safety and in health.


Chad Thomlinson
General Manager & PGA Executive Professional