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Rules of Play
Power Carts
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Member Tournaments
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Pace of Play Policy
House Rules
General Rules


Reminder: Tee times are required 7 days a week commencing May 1.

Rules of Play

1. Priority will be given to league play on their designated days.

2. All tee times will be booked either over the phone or over the Internet from 6:45 am three days in advance for Members only and at 7:00 am three days in advance for their guests at 931-3315.

3. No guests, (or non-members), on Saturday, Sunday or Statutory Holidays before 11:00 am.

4. Priddis Greens is a private golf club, however, non-members, (who are members of a private or semi-private club that employs a PGA professional and who show proof of membership), may reserve tee times one day in advance by contacting the Head Professional.

5. Members may advance book no more than one tee time per day.

6. Persons reserving a tee time must identify the tee time booking numbers of the other members.

7. See our Fees below: 

Green fees shall be as follows:

Non-Member $205.00
Corporate $145.00 (18 holes)
Guest (Prime Time) $145.00
Guest (Mon-Tues) $115.00
Friends and Family
(Sat, Sun, Holidays after 4PM)
Twilight $95.00
9 Hole $95.00
Junior $85.00
Junior 9 Hole $55.00

Cart fees shall be as follows:

Corporate $50.00
18 Hole $40.00 
Twilight $28.00
9 Hole $20.00
20 Cart Pass $720.00
Seasonal $1300.00
Track Fee $685.00
4-Bagger $44.00

8. The starter has the authority to control starting in any manner that will expedite orderly and enjoyable golf. Always report to the starter before teeing off. The starter is empowered to enforce the Club's Rules and Regulations. Members and guests are expected to respect his authority.

9. Members are expected to become familiar with the current regulations as stated in the Rules of Golf, including the Etiquette section.

10. The Course Marshal is empowered to enforce the Club's Rules and Regulations. Members and guests are expected to respect his authority.

11. Players must take their refreshments from the concession stand to the tee box and await their turn to play.

12. A player must replace and press down any divots at once, fill up any holes and footprints made in bunkers and repair ball marks on the green.

13. The use of profanity on the golf course or in the Clubhouse is prohibited.


Power Carts

14. Cart rental is $20.00 per nine-hole round, $28.00 for twilight, $40.00 per eighteen-hole and $44.00 for a 4-bagger (plus GST).

15. (i) Only persons 16 years of age or older, and who hold a valid Alberta Driver's License, may rent and/or operate golf carts;
(ii) Juniors who are 14 years of age or over, and who hold a valid Alberta Driver's Learners Permit, may operate a golf cart provided they are accompanied by a person who holds a valid Alberta Driver's License and is 18 years of age or older.

16. Adult Members may rent a 20 Cart Pass and;
(i) the rental for 20, 18 hole rounds of golf or 40, 9 hole rounds of golf is $720.00;
(ii) Availability of the cart will be on a first come first served basis;
(iii) the pass may be used for all family members and their guests. The pass is not transferable to other Members;
(iv) the pass is valid until all the rounds have been used. It may be carried over from year to year.

17. Adult Members may rent a cart for the entire golf season and:
(i) the rental for the full year is $1,300.00, (plus GST), per Membership plus $380.00, (plus GST), for each additional Associate or Intermediate intending to have use of the cart, (excluding Juniors);
(ii) annual rental arrangements can be made on a first come, first served basis;
(iii) availability of the cart will be on a first come first served basis;
(iv) no more than one cart will be allowed on the golf course per rental agreement at any particular time;
(v) each Member must sign an exclusion of liability in favor of the Club at the start of the year;
(vi) only disabled Members, Associates or Intermediates, who have made annual rental arrangements, may reserve a cart in advance.

18. Golf Cart Rental Agreement
(i) golf carts are leased for not more than 18 holes and/or not more than five hours elapsed time and if lessee retains golf cart after expiration, such retention shall be construed as a continuance of the lease, at the same rental, and under the same terms, until said golf cart is so returned to the lessor.

(ii) the intent of the agreement is that lessor is renting said golf cart only.

(iii) lessee agrees to keep said golf cart in the same condition as when received. It is expressly understood and agreed that lessor shall not be liable for damages or any kind whatsoever, whether to persons and/or property for loss of time, and/or for any other loss, arising from the use of, operation of, or in any way connected with said golf cart or any part thereof, from whatever cause arising, lessee agrees to hold lessor free from all such damages. The lessee agrees to pay or reimburse the lessor, on return of the said golf cart to lessor, for all charges incidental to all breakages, shortages, or damage, other than ordinary wear, to said golf cart, during the term thereof.

(iv) lessee agrees to keep said golf cart in lessee's custody and not to sublease or re-rent same and to permit only two persons and their golf clubs to ride on golf cart. Lessee agrees to run the golf cart through the fairway and on cart paths where designated.

(v) the full agreement between the lessor and the lessee is contained herein, and time is made of the essence of the agreement.

19. Course Superintendent to designate the golf cart path usage as one of the following conditions:

i) Paths only
ii) Stake to Stake
iii) Stake to Stake with exceptions

20. Privately owned carts are permitted for homeowners of the Priddis lands. The policy regarding the rules for such cart ownership is available at the office of the Club. The track fee is $685.00.


Corporate Tournaments

21. Shall be governed by the following rules:
a) Management can prebook 1 corporate tournament per week.
b) The Board reserves the right to allow additional tournaments in April, May, September and October
c) All major corporate tournaments are scheduled Monday or Thursday only. No corporate tournament will be scheduled any other days without Board approval.
d) All participants in a corporate tournament will be charged the following on a per day basis:
- Green fee - $145.00 per player
- Prizes in the Pro Shop - $ 10.00 minimum per player;
- Food services - $32.00 (including gratuity) minimum per player;
e) 18 hole corporate cart rate - $50.00 each for the first 100 carts, $56.00 each for the balance 
f) A $500.00 deposit is due on March 1, 2015 to confirm all corporate tournament bookings.
g) The balance of all minimum costs is due and payable no later than 7 days prior to the date of the tournament.
h) No alcoholic beverages may be dispensed, or consumed on the golf course without prior Club approval.
i) If the course is closed due to inclement weather, the Club will do its best to reschedule the tournament.


Member Tournaments

22. Shall be governed by the following rules:
a) Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Sign up will begin 4 weeks in advance for each tournament.
b) Sign up by completing a Sign Up Sheet in the Pro Shop, which authorizes the Club to bill your account for the tournament date.
c) You may register by phone, however, only Pro Shop staff will be permitted to take entries by phone. They will complete the Sign Up Sheet using your authorization.
d) Less than 4 days notice it is the Member's responsibility to arrange for a Club Member to replace him/her if the original Member can not play. The Pro will maintain a waiting list if possible.
e) Less than 4 days notice the Member is committed to the cost unless a replacement can be found who will be billed the cost of the tournament.
f) A participant must have an established handicap.
g) Tournaments will go regardless of the weather. A registrant should be prepared to play. If play must be cancelled due to course closure, prior to commencement of play, the Food and Beverage portion of the tournament will go ahead at no cost to the player. All costs shall be paid by a rainy day fund supported by the Men's and Ladies' League Appropriation Account.


Practice Facilities

23. The Practice Facilities shall be governed by the following rules:
a) The driving range is available to Priddis Members, Associates, Intermediates, juniors, guests and family members holding a practice facilities pass.
b) Corporate tournament players may use the driving range on the day of their tournament.
c) Unlimited driving range balls are available.
d) Driving range balls are to be used on the driving range or chipping green.
e) Driving range balls are NOT to be used on the golf course or putting green.
f) No chipping is allowed on the putting green.
g) No putting is allowed on the chipping green.
h) It is the responsibility of the golfer using the driving range to abide by all rules posted. Please give the maintenance personnel the right of way at all times. 


Guest Play

24. Each Member is allowed to bring the same guest out a maximum of six times per season.

Cell Phone

25. Members are allowed to use their cell phones in the Clubhouse or on the course. In the interest of courtesy and safety, the Club recommends that cell phones be taken onto the golf course during play and only turned on for emergencies.

Pace of Play Policy


Please read and sign the following Pace of Play Members Contract and agree to help improve our pace of play. 
What is the solution to improving Pace of Play at Priddis Greens?
·            To educate our membership that they are the solution to the problem.
·            SELF POLICE!!!
What is the problem?
·            Groups are unaware that they are out of position or slow.
·            On busy days (6 or more tee times per hour booked) each group of players must maintain their same position that they started their game throughout the entire round of golf. Ie: on the first tee you are able to see the group in front play their next shot and move on. When groups have a problem, and lose their position, they do not adjust their routine and regain their position.
·            On non-busy days (5 or less tee times per hour booked) each group must finish their round prior to the maximum allotted time. Raven – 4 hours and 20 minutes. Hawk – 4 hours and 30 minutes. When groups have a problem and lag behind the allotted time, they do not adjust their routine and speed up their pace.
How do you correct a Pace of Play problem?
·            As soon as you realize you have lost your position on the golf course or are playing slower than the allotted time, ALTER YOUR ACTIONS IMMEDIATELY, and correct the problem.
·            Each round of golf has an ebb and flow. Lost balls, out of bounds, balls in hazards, and 3 putts slow a round down.   Ready golf, continuous putting, picking up, and shortening a pre shot routine, speed a round up. 
·            Refer to website link “20 Ways To Beat Slow Play”.
What is a Pace of Play violation?
·            On a busy day, if your group is timed 15 minutes or greater slower than the group in front of you and also exceeds the maximum allotted time for that golf course you are in violation of our Pace of Play Policy.
·            On a non-busy day, if your group exceeds the total time allotted for that golf course you are in violation of our Pace of Play Policy. 
What are the consequences of a violation?
·            All names in the group, total time of their round and lag time behind the group ahead will be posted on our website for one week. 
·            Multiple violations will be dealt with on a case to case basis by the Pace of Play Committee.
Thank you for reading our Pace of Play Members Contract. We appreciate your help in assisting Priddis Greens Golf &CC to improve our Pace of Play. Please sign below and commit to making our golf club a more enjoyable place to play golf.
Name: ________________________________________ Signature: ____________________________________________
Please fax to 403-931-3219 or email to
                                                                                                                By Order of the Board of Directors


House Rules

1. The Clubhouse hours will be posted in the Clubhouse and published in the newsletter.

2. The Clubhouse, including locker rooms and Pro Shop, are non-smoking.

3. Golf clubs and bags may not be stored in the locker rooms.

4. All personal property of the members, except clubs and bags, must be kept in their lockers. No shoes or bags may be placed on top of the lockers.

5. Dining room reservations are requested in advance, whenever possible.

6. No member shall at any time be allowed in the kitchen, back of the bar, administration area, or staff rooms unless accompanied by an employee of the Club or Board member.

7. Members are not to reprimand an employee of the Club. Complaints and suggestions regarding service or the facilities shall be addressed in writing to the General Manager. Members shall not send employees out of the Club for errands or for any purpose.

8. Members have the option of charging or paying cash for equipment and services. Surname, initials, and account number must be printed on all charge slips and must be signed by the member, associate, intermediate or junior. The member is responsible for payment of all charges to his account signed by the aforementioned. Members may, in writing, designate others who may sign on their Food and Beverage account, and this must be presented to the administration staff in person.

9. No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed on the club premises unless purchased from the Club. Alcoholic beverages purchased from the Club shall be consumed on the premises of the Club. Neither staff members nor Club members shall, under any circumstance, serve or permit the service of alcoholic beverages to any person under the age of 18. Club Management reserves the right to refuse alcoholic beverages to anyone that it considers to be intoxicated.

10. A minimum charge of $250.00 for October 1 to March 31 and $250.00 for each of April 1 to June 30 and July 1 to September 30 for Food and Beverages will be levied. All Food and Beverage must be charged to a Member Account as the Club cannot track cash or credit card purchases. The Food and Beverage minimum does not include gratuities or GST.

11. Hole in One:
(i) Members who card a Hole-in-One in any year will be invited with a Guest to a Hole-in-One party where they will receive dinner and a commemorative memento.

(ii) Hole-in-One party date will be set in the fall of each year.

(iii) Costs of food and beverage plus mementos to be paid by the Club.

(iv) Members guests who card a Hole-in-One are entitled to one free round of drinks, (4), after the round and to a future free round of golf for 4. Please contact the Head Golf Professional immediately after your round.


General Rules

1. The facilities of the Club are at the disposal of all Members in good standing and guests, within the prescribed operating hours. Members may be requested to show their Membership card.

2. Terms of payment of accounts are as follows:
a) All charges are due and payable on receipt of statement.
b) All Members are expected to keep their account 100% current at all times.
c) In the event that a Member's account is 30 days past due, the following action will be taken: Interest will be charged at the rate of 2.0% per month on the unpaid balance. After the 15th of the month, (45 days past due), golf bookings and Clubhouse privileges will be revoked until the Member's account is paid.
d) In the event that a Member's account goes over 90 days past due, Bylaw 3.04 may be invoked. This bylaw reads as follows:
Upon the failure of a Member to pay any indebtedness to the Club, other than annual Membership dues, the Club may, in addition to all other legal remedies available to it, terminate the Membership in question, at any time after 30 days written notice to the Member.

3. Golfers and persons using the Clubhouse, the golf course, and other facilities at Priddis Greens must be suitably attired. Management reserves the right to deny golfing and other privileges to anyone who, in the opinion of management, does not meet that standard.

a) Men's Dress Code - Appropriate golf attire; shirts, slacks or tailored shorts, manufactured golf shoes with non-metal spikes or flat, soft soled shoes are to be worn on the golf course and in the various areas of the Clubhouse at all times. Shirts shall be with collars and sleeves. Shorts are to be tailored dress shorts that are comparable to those sold in the Pro Shop. 

b) Ladies' Dress Code - Appropriate golf attire; skirts, shirts, blouses, slacks or tailored shorts and manufactured golf shoes with non-metal spikes or flat, soft soled shoes are to be worn on the golf course and in the various areas of the Clubhouse at all times. Shirts may be collarless with sleeves or sleeveless with collars. Shorts are to be tailored dress shorts that are comparable to those sold in the Pro Shop. Denim spandex or other types of aerobic clothing are not permitted at any time. A

c) Clubhouse Dress Code - Appropriate golf attire as described above is acceptable in the Clubhouse. Jeans are also acceptable. The wearing of caps or hats by males is not permitted on the upper level of the Clubhouse at any time.

d) Members Introducing Guests - Members introducing guests to the golf course or the Clubhouse are responsible to see that their guests are wearing appropriate golf attire.

e) Outside Functions - Private functions are normally arranged by the Food & Beverage Manager who will arrange, in advance, to inform the group of our dress requirements. Similarly, private groups are generally arranged by the Club Professional and care will be taken to ensure that all participants are aware, in advance, of our dress code requirements.

f) Enforcement - As always, Members are asked not to approach other Members directly regarding infringement of the above regulations. Instead, please inform either the Pro Shop or management staff, who are empowered to enforce the dress code.

4. For cause, Management may refuse service to any Member or guest. Under the Bylaws of the Club the Board of Directors has the right to expel or suspend any member whose conduct shall have been determined by the Directors to be improper, unbecoming, or likely to endanger the interests or reputation of the Club.

5. Priddis Greens is not responsible for Member or guest golf clubs and equipment stored in the Pro Shop or club storage area, or personal effects contained in the lockers, locker rooms or elsewhere in the Clubhouse or anywhere on Club property.

6. Cars may not be left at the entrance of the Clubhouse or in the firelanes in the immediate vicinity of the Clubhouse to inconvenience approaching cars or emergency vehicles and must be parked in the designated parking areas only. Parking on the roadway to the Club or elsewhere on the grounds is prohibited.

7. Children, (other than Junior Members), are not allowed on the golf course without the prior approval of the Pro Shop and only in the Clubhouse when accompanied by a responsible adult.

8. Pets are not permitted anywhere on the Club premises.

9. Complaints or suggestions regarding Members, Management, employees or Club operations must be made in writing to the General Manager and Board of Directors.

10. Priddis Greens does not accept liability for injury or damage incurred by the action of a Member or guest.